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The Effects of sugar in the body


Sugar in the body converts to glucose, but don't be fooled! Glucose is derived from the carbohydrates that we consume which is in most of the food we eat sweet and savoury. It's important that we realise that savoury food is maybe the biggest problem to having too much sugar in our bloodstream because our cultural food is very starchy and carb based.

The pancreas releases insulin into the bloodstream to breakdown the glucose, however if the level of glucose is high on a regular basis then the pancreas will struggle to release enough insulin to regulate it. This can create a resistance to the insulin, which in turn, can lead to developing Type II Diabetes which can have severe symptoms and lead to many more serious health concerns. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will help cleanse the blood as well as being more active on a daily basis.

Just remember most of what we eat culturally contains high levels of carbohydrate which forms the glucose which is used as energy in the body. Food and drink high in sugar or starchy foods can be the biggest reason for this disease so be mindful of how much of it you consume and keep Type II Diabetes at bay.

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