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A Cultural guide to better health

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In an age where disease is on the increase and the reality of viral pandemics in our lifetime exists, I am compelled to address the health and wellbeing within the black community. The National Health Service in the UK states that we currently have poor health statistics and that the recent Covid 19 pandemic severely impacted people of colour. Even though there are various social, economic and occupational reasons for this, lifestyle and diet are a major contributor. This book tries to help reveal why our health as a community is poor and whether our culture, traditions and attitudes contribute to this, as well as tips and advice to a healthy life including

  • A cultural food guide

  • Tips to help prevent and reduce disease

  • Information on how mindset and emotions affect our choices

  • Our relationship with food

  • Health and fitness advice (including exercises)

There is something for everyone in this book regardless of colour or creed to help catapult you in to better health, which in turn will give you a better life.

As a Health and Fitness Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer and Health Coach my hope is to motivate and inspire you to take a real look at your own health and if need be, take one step at a time to make positive change.

with Small steps you can make big changes to your health

If you are sick, tired or think that your health journey could do with some improvement then you have come to the right place.

As we age, we can find ourselves stuck in a health rut or struggling to change bad habits as well as when and how to start to improve our fitness levels. I'm here to help you to turn things around and motivate you to a life filled with energy and good health with a focus on how to look after your physical body that works so hard to look after you.

Too much salt in your diet can put you at risk of developing Hypertension (High Blood Pressure).

African/Caribbean food can be too salty if we are not careful and the seasoning we use can be part of the problem. My husband and I have created a Low Salt All Purpose Seasoning, an alternative to use on your meat and every day food to reduce sodium (salt) intake.

My husband Stephen Gardner has worked as an Executive Chef in Ghana and Asia for around 30 years. He has professional experience working with spices and has created seasoning to accompany his cultural recipes while working in hotels and restaurants in the city and the bush, along with gaining a wealth of knowledge working alongside local people. Stephen and I worked together to choose the correct spices for our Low Salt Seasoning which is high in flavour. He was able to blend them together to produce an alternative to the salty seasonings that are currently on the market. Your health is important and as a Health Coach I want to resource you in sustaining good health.


If you would like to find out more about

Paula's Low Salt All Purpose Seasoning then head to my HBL Online shop

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Be inspired to live a HEALTHY BLACK LIFE 

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Calling all Afro Caribbean Community Groups and Local Churches or Health and Wellness Events. 

My years of experience as a Health and Fitness Coach and instructor has given me the knowledge and skill to help you to increase your energy, fitness and wellbeing. My Better Health Workshops will deliver a relatable encounter that will motivate and encourage you as well as give you the tools to make positive change to your lifestyle, giving you a solid foundation to build upon.

Topics include:

  • Reducing the risk and reversing health conditions among the black community

  • Cultural Lifestyle

  • Our relationship with food and my Cultural Food Guide to Better Health

  • Let's get physical and the impact of movement on the body

  • And More.......

If you are interested in having a Better Health Workshop at your organisation feel free to contact me at:-

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Paula Watson Gardner

Qualified Personal Fitness Trainer, Health & Wellness Coach and Author


Throughout my career I have spent many years working with local government and community, faith groups as well as charities and engaged with people of all ages and backgrounds which has confidently enabled me to reach out to those who want to see positive change in their lives. With encouragement, support and guidance I want to help you meet realistic health goals to live a Healthy Black Life. 

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At the bottom of the page find the HBL Demo Exercise Channel. Here you will find the exercises in my book that you can do at home to get started on a steady fitness regime. You can put on some music and choose a few movements to do in your own time, or if you would like a more personal experience click on the button at the top of the page for my personal online Better Health Services.

Movement helps to increase your heart rate, burn calories, tone up your muscles and increase flexibility as well as lifting your mood to improve your mental health.

Remember to start easy and add more when you feel that you can. 

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If you would like to burn off some calories and have fun doing itthen......