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How Do You Cook Fish?


Fish is a great source of protein that is essential for good health. We people of colour love our fish, particularly fried fish. Frying fish can add a crispy texture that locks in the flavours of the seasoning which makes it taste so darn yummy. As nice as it is, frying isn't the most healthiest way to eat fish. Minimising the amount of oil you use is essential to reducing the calories that effect our weight. Be sure not to have a whole lot of bubbling fat in the pan as using a lot less can still give you a great tasting fish but with fewer calories. You could even part bake the fish first and just finish it in the frying pan if you find it hard to resist frying.


Healthier Ways to Cook Fish


Poached Fish

Use a frying pan and make a stock and pour it in, just enough for it to cover the base of the pan, then add your favourite herbs, spices and onion. Start with a high temperature and then add your fish and lower the temperature to a gentle simmer. Turn it off to let fish finish cooking. The size and type of fish will determine the cooking time and placing a lid on the pan can help reduce stock vapour.


Grilled Fish

You can use a grill pan with ridges to grill the fish or a regular grill on your stove. Place the seasoned fish on lightly greased foil and place under a hot grill and turn regularly until cooked.


En Papillote

This is french and means to bake in parchment (paper). Put your seasoned fish on lightly greased foil and close it without compressing the foil on the fish. Put in a hot oven and allow the flavours to infuse the fish and create the star of a gorgeous healthier meal.


Benefits of Eating Fish

  • Full of protein that helps maintain and repair muscles and bone.

  • Contains Omega 3's which are good to maintain eye and brain health

  • Has small amounts of Vitamin D to help boost our immune system

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