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Let's Talk Bread 

Let's face it we can have bread for brekkie, brunch, lunch, afternoon tucker, dinner and a night time snack. Bread is eaten by most of us at anytime, but how much do you eat per day?

Bread is very filling so that helps to satisfy our hunger quite quickly and is known as a carbohydrate. Once bread is consumed the body will store it for energy, however, if you do not move enough your body will store it as fat.

If you find yourself reaching for that loaf far too often here are some tips to eating bread in moderation.

  • Determine your daily allowance based on your movement. The more you move the more carbohydrates you burn so if you are sitting most of the day at a desk or driving etc. then limit it to the equivalent of 2-3 slices per day


  • Eat brown, wholegrain or wholemeal bread which has more nutrients than white bread


  • Don't buy thick slice bread, stick to medium slice


  • Try thins, which are very thin slices of white or brown bread


  • If you purchase uncut loaves then cut thinner slices and not your usual doorsteps


  • Try brown wraps, roti, pitta or lentil based bread


  • Eat small brown rolls instead of large baps


  • Spread butter instead of margarine and spread thinly


  • Even better, spray oil for example olive oil on your bread (this is what I use)

  • Limiting the amount of bread we eat can help reduce weight and low blood sugar levels.

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