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We love Chicken


Well I'm sure most of us do, unless you are a Vegan, so let me talk to the chicken lovers out there! There are many ways to cook chicken and culturally we love it fried with a rich seasoning such as Jerk or a mixture of All Purpose seasoning mixed with plenty herbs to give it that beautiful rich flavour. However, frying chicken can add a whole lot of extra calories to our food if we are not careful with the amount we use. 

Chicken belongs to the protein family and has some great health benefits such as:

  • Iron which enriches our blood and gives us energy 

  • Vitamin B12 for brain, nervous system and creating DNA

  • Zinc for Immune system and metabolism 

  • Tryptophan found in our brain chemicals and releases Serotonin and helps increase mood

So eating chicken is a great dietary food  to continue eating. 


Here are some suggestions to reducing oil whilst cooking chicken.

  • Lightly cover the frying pan with minimal oil if that's how you prefer to cook your chicken and only flash fry to seal in the seasoning, then finish cooking in the oven.

  • Roast the chicken in the oven and half way through drain off excess oil from the tray

  • If only roasting chicken spray oil on to the chicken instead of pouring over oil

  • Use an Airfyer to cook crispy chicken, the taste can be just as good

  • BBQ or grilled chicken reduces oil therefore reduces calories significantly​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

So next time you cook up your chicken, try to use less oil and maybe try using a different method for a healthier meal.

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